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Coffee can make “Magic on your Skin”

A freshly blended cup of coffee to kick-start your day is good for you in more ways than one. Apart from an energy boost, coffee is loaded with nutrients and antioxidants that give you with beautiful skin. Here’s will see how.

Brightening boost
The skin benefits of coffee are plenty. The next time you decide to splurge on brightening cosmetic products, think again. Instead, it would do you better to go for a cup of piping-hot coffee. Coffee forms a great source of antioxidants in our diet, which protect the skin from damage by free radicals and maintain its health.

Anti-ageing properties
Consuming coffee is known to accelerate the natural tissue repair process. The skin is regenerated with an increase in collagen production. The natural ageing process is slowed down and the skin looks younger over time.

Fights cellulite
Drinking coffee regularly boosts circulation, which combats cellulite. Directly applying it on the skin also has a tightening effect. You can make a scrub of coffee, sugar and olive oil and apply it to your skin twice a week.

A natural exfoliator
If you’re looking for a natural scrub in your kitchen, coffee is your best bet. It gently dislodges dirt and impurities and effectively cleanses the skin. Apart from exfoliating, coffee’s antioxidant properties also impart the skin with a natural glow. Add a few drops of baby or olive oil to 1 teaspoon of ground coffee and voila! Your scrub is ready.

Soothes tired eyes
Coffee powder is handy when you’re trying to conceal the excesses of a late night— think puffy eyes and dark circles. Applying coffee on the affected area dehydrates the blood vessels, thus removing water retention and puffiness. Coffee also constricts the vessels that temporarily reduce the appearance of dark circles. Just add a few drops of water to one teaspoon of MyKaapie and your quick fix is ready!

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