Preparing coffee is a seemingly simple task but achieving great taste comes with considerable effort. Explore our coffee guide to see why.

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My Kaapie

MyKaapie aroma is not just a scent. It’s a packed flavour and mouthfeel. It will mesmerise you during the cupping.

Chicory is a plant, highly rich in fibre called inulin. It can be used as a dietary fibre and health component.

Robusta coffee bean is made from the Coffeacanephora plant. It consists of low acidity and high bitterness.

Spray dried is a mixture of concentrated and hydrolysed factions added to maintain preserved aroma.

Many people think, coffee is just an integral part of their morning ritual. But, this is not entirely true.

Why to drink the blend of coffee and chicory, instead of the plain substitute? Definitely the answer will surprise you!


Coffee & Chicory is the traditional favorite of many a New Orleans native.

Halal Intergrity

We believe in high standards of quality. That’s why all our products are halal.


Although coffee is referred to as bean, it is actually the seed of a piece of fruit, known as a coffee cherry.

MyKaapie hits the spot every time. Thank you for the experience of pure, delicious coffee masterfully roasted! I will never purchase any other and I will spread the word!

Farah Ain

Very delicious, very flavorful. Fresh MyKaapie is my new favorite coffee! Thank you!!

Jia Ong

Have you ever wished that coffee could taste as good as the aroma? Mostly I am disappointed. But MyKaapie tastes as good as it smells. It's the best coffee I have ever had.